Aug 28, 2010

Fairy First Date

This is a photo of MacDaddy and me eight months pregnant with the boys .. yes, yes I know, huge ... but back to my point. Anyway, this is us completely ecstatic over this fabulous baby shower MammaMia and the Titas threw for us, and all the equally fabulous gifts we got including a hair spa gift card for me (because that is my guilty pleasure) and a Thai massage for MacDaddy (and that is his) plus the baby journals I asked for and was all eager to get cracking on. I couldn't wait to diligently jot down those milestones. First tooth, first crawl, first step. And then real life got in the way, I said I'd get to it eventually and here we are five years later. We did abuse use the gift cards. God knows we needed those after those sleepless nights. But umm.. the baby books. Untouched.

Thankfully one afternoon Nona and I were sitting in the car, discussing doing a joint mommy-blog (this one!) and I thought.. that should do more than make up for the those very empty baby books. Mommy absolution. The kids' very own cyber baby journal. Good thinking, Nona. I hope this blog will still be around for the kiddos when they're older or until they disown us if we start humiliating them with more stories and more naked pictures.

Mak, journal material for you.

Mak's front lower tooth is wiggling. Not the ever-so-slight rocking the dentist pointed out a few months back, but it looks like it should be any time now. His milk teeth are starting to fall already! He is four! Okay.. almost five but, he is f-o-u-r. He's moving it like crazy, all excited and ready to let it go and here I am getting all freaky sentimental not ready to let go.

I texted his dentist. Mak's tooth is moving. Is that okay? (Laugh all you want. It's a first for me.) Her reply: Is it just moving or has he fallen? If it's moving because he bumped it and you want to make sure, we can xray to check on trauma. Ok. Suddenly feeling really stupid. Its just moving. I text back. Her text: Then it's ok. Relax! Exclamation point. I deserved that.

Some little facts to sink your teeth into, according to the internet. Everyone will have two sets of teeth in their lifetime - milk teeth and permanent teeth. A baby has twenty teeth while grown-ups have thirty-two. Milk teeth start to push through the gums at around six months of age and generally fall out at ages six to seven. First the lower front ones, then the upper ones and usually in the order that they first came out. They can fall out earlier than normal if the teeth came out earlier than usual for an infant. (Ahh.. but if I had filled up that baby book I would know when Mak's teeth first made their appearance) By twelve to thirteen years, most baby teeth have been shed and almost all permanent teeth are in.

On one of his routine dental check-ups
It seems a date with the tooth fairy is sooner than soon. Whoa, I don't even know the fairy's going rate these days. I am sooo not ready, but aren't many mommies sooo not emotionally ready for sooo many things anyway? And that is real life getting in the way again.


Nona said...

Goodness! I had forgotten about that twin-bearing-tummy of yours ; ) Nice to see that pic.

Let me just express... OMG... Awww... Mak's teeth are wiggling!? But he's still a baby! Or not.

Yes my dear, this blog is our absolution. Memory of first jiggly tooth officially archived for Mak. I'll give you this house's going rate for teeth later. Call ya!

Marga said...

Wow you really had two in your belly! MacDaddy's a little chubbier there hahaha.

Nana. Have I told you about the dream I had a few months back? I don't think I have cause you and MacDaddy were out of town. I dreamt I was talking to MacDaddy over at the Dasma house then you arrived with Mak, Tato... and a little girl! Whee. A baby sister.

Nana said...

Thanks for the info, Nona! And yes.. not a baby anymore.

Marga, a third?!???!!!

Cely said...

OMG! I can't believe his teeth are already wiggling!! Where time has gone???

PS: Nice to see that pic for me too. It makes me remember some other awesome pics, awww!

Nana said...

Cely, really! Time is flying!

ChichaJo said...

Time does fly so fast! Love the photo in the dentist chair...I loved going to the dentist...I hope Carmen feels the same way!

I feel so much better that I am not the only one who isn't so, um, diligent about the baby books!

Nana said...

Jo, I didn't particularly enjoy my dental visits when I was younger so I'm hoping the boys' experience will be better. So far so good. Good for you that you enjoyed yours. And with time zooming like this, you'll be bring Baby C real soon.

And about those baby books, I bet there are a LOT of us out there. Ssssshhhh

Barni said...

Aaaww..already a loose tooth? I was panicking that Alec didn't have a single one til he was 7. And it was growing behind, like the rest of the teeth after. There was no wiggling and falling. Just extraction and a whopping bill after each one. I can tell you the dentist's going rate...:)

Nana said...

Barns, you wait. Baby J's first could be right around the corner