Nov 19, 2010

Shanghai Calling

I'm back from a quick "girls-only" weekend in Shanghai with MammaMia, the SisInLaw and my fairy GodMother (not in photos..most likely out shopping).

Nona, remember our oh-so brilliant plan to spend the Christmas break and New Year's Eve there and in the Wall years ago? Only to freeze our butts -and everything else! - off? And to find out there were no New Year's plans in the city? Remember we couldn't figure out how to tell our cab driver our hotel address so we spent the stroke of midnight of New Year's Eve in the middle of nowhere in the backseat of a taxi? Fun times! We should go back.

Here I am in our favorite area, XiantianDi in front of our favorite bar. We loved TMSK, remember?

Xiantiandi won a ULI award the year after we were there crediting the developers for keeping the old structures and walls and everything they could instead of just demolishing everything.

Apparently no one wanted to invest in the project initially thinking they were crazy. Tearing down the old and building brand new high-rises was the easiest and only way to go. Glad they stood their ground. Totally paid off. We should go back.


Nona said...

Xiantiandi! My favorite place in Shanghai. Of course I knew you'd make a stop there : ) Glad to see that those old buildings are still standing. There is some good in this world!

Cely said...

Wow! Shanghai must be very interesting! Looks like you had a great time! Anyway, I have to say, nothing is better than a girly weekend sometimes!

And... May I say that once again? You look gorgeous, Nana! ;-)