Jan 22, 2011

The Birds, the Bees and The Cannibal

Tato: Mama, why did you eat me and Mak?
Me: Whaat?!
Tato: You ate me and Mak and we stayed in your tummy until the doctor got us out.
Me: I didn't eat you and Mak.
Tato: So.. how did we go inside your tummy?

Awkward silence.

Mak: Tato, hurry! Pororo's on TV!
Tato: Yay! Bye, mama!

Arghh. I hate that. I knew the questions would come sooner rather than later and I sort of already knew what to say. I knew the drill: act normal, age-appropriate, at their level, just the facts. We may have been sidelined this time by a show about the adventures of a little penguin but these little minds need to know. At the very, very least that doctors don't save helpless little children from baby-eating mamas.

I'll be ready next time. I better be.

Cartoon c/o Cyanide and Happiness (click on image to see better)

and a happy little reminder that kids are way smarter than we think


RONE said...

I'm sure Mak and Tato will be freaked out just like every kid that finds out exactly how babies are made. LOL! Reminds me of when Gael asked if he came out of the tummy through my mouth. They must be associating our big bellies with over eating.

Nona said...

Haha! Kids and their crazy "scientific" theories...

Cely said...

Aww! The question I'm waiting for ;-)
Let us know when they know the truth, hahaha

Strategic Stiletto said...

This just made me smile, so they think their Mama and all their preggy titas start off with a cannibalistic child-eating urge, huh?

Lemme know how it goes!

Nana said...

Thanks! Yes, Part 2 post in order as soon as I set the record straight