Nov 23, 2011

We Were on a Break

...the two-week We-Time MacDaddy and I promised ourselves we'd find time once a year to do until we're old and grey.  Leaving the boys behind still isn't the easiest thing to do even after all these years but it helps they're surprisingly supportive and really cool about the whole deal. Plus MacDaddy is the world's best travel buddy.  

Rewind to months before we were off

Me: Mak, Tato, remember Mama and Papa go on a vacation once a year?  We're going in November.  You'll have fun things to do also here in Manila.  You'll go to the beach with Lala, and live some days with Nani and Dada.  You're even going to have a sleepover with your cousins. I'll call and I'll email you all the time and Papa will take lots of photos to show you. 

Mak:  Where are you going?

Me:  We're going to Paris and Prague and Munich and ....

Tato:  Munich! Munich!  Yes!!!  Can you buy me the Bayern Munich jersey of Neuer!  Yay!  Yes!!!

And there I was ready with the "it will be a quick trip" / "we'll be back in no time"/  "we'll miss you but  we'll have lots of stories to tell each other after"  speeches but I didn't need them.  Sweet.  

So I guess We-Time was now "We" on a mission to find new football jerseys. Sweet. 


and the only photos we have together this time 


Rone Valles Guerrero said...

Fun! But it look sooooo cold.

Cely said...

Sweet! And I looooove the photos <3 Seems like you had a super great time! Kwento, kwento, kwento! Pleeeeeeeease ;-)

By the way, if your boys want some swiss football jerseys, just ask. I haven't dared yet because the team is not very... hmmm... Good? - Haha - But if they don't mind... ;-)

Nana said...

Rone, yes.. verrrrryyy cold!

Cely, yes kwento. Oh wow. Thanks! Let me ask but thanks for the offer.
Whatever happened to simple collecting like we did as kids - like say STAMPS?

Cely said...

You're welcome, dear Nana ;-)
Don't know what happened! I personally collected postcards when I was younger... (Okay, I still do so, haha) but I love the passion your children have for jerseys. Boys, boys, boys!

PS: By the way, it's even colder now! Brrrr!!

Nona said...

Cheers to another one of your yearly honeymoons! Lovely photos, as usual : )