Jun 7, 2012

The Tyranny of Tisay Beauty

Small and tan and young and lovely, especially inside.

Hello Blogger! I'm still writing, but just in other places. This crosspost is worthy because it's for my little girl. Please go visit Rappler and read The Tyranny of Tisay Beauty

In the Philippines, people, many people, uphold this twisted form of white supremacy. White girls are prettier! Down with brown! and all that crap. I'm sick and tired of it. Here's something I propose we do.


Nana said...

I super agree! Having twins and having one darker than the other, I always get really shallow, inconsiderate remarks about it. I still can't understand why at this day and age, skin color is still such a big deal. Talk about screwed up values!
On another note, keep cross-posting, Nona! I miss you over here.

Nona said...

Hello Nana Natalie : ) It's sad actually that it still needs to be written about and discussed in a news network until this day and age...