Jun 1, 2010

Snippets of Summer

We like the things that summer brings
It brings the sun. It brings the heat.
It brings the things we like to eat.
Summer brings so many things.
Summer brings us rides on swings!
We stay awake and think of things...
the happy things that summer brings!
-from Summer by Alice Low

Goodbye, Summer of 2010. That was fun.


Cely said...

Your summer seems to have been so much fun, adventurous and exciting! And your pictures... awww!!! They make me want to see so much more! Really beautiful!

Strategic Stiletto said...

Nana, Summer's just starting here in New York. You say goodbye and we say hello :)

Nana said...

It was, Cely! Very hot but very fun!

Strategic Tish, ...and in a few days I say hello. See you in a bit