May 31, 2010

Happy Food Trip!

Nana dear... this site I've been drooling over should be of special interest to you since you're about to jet-off and hit one of my favorite cities. Google your way to The Urban Grocer! They claim to seek out the best posh to underground foodstuff, and to present an online smorgasboard of global foodie experience... from New York to Tokyo to Hong Kong and Paris.

It's all about what's yummy... such as artisan cannolis in New York. I haven't had a cannoli in years. Please have one for me. Make it artisanal like these babies.

Jack Daniel's-spiked buttery organic toffees. Butter plus sugar plus alcohol equals sinful. But hey, it's organic. Haha!

And what's just plain cool, fresh and new in food.... like French wine tubes for tasting by WineSide. Practical and clever but not icky and devoid of elegance like those minibar mini bottles. Why do those bother me? This idea I love.

Now wow-oh-wow, Helvetica Cookie Cutters. I love this in so many levels.

The Urban Grocer has its opinion on the best burger in New York, the lowdown on how to get a lip smacking falafel in Paris. Yup, in Paris. Then if you happen to be in Melbourne, they'll tell you where you can get macaroons so you feel like you're in Paris. Go and drool and you might add some more stops on the itinerary. My little way of wishing you a great trip Nana! Make that a FOOD trip my dear. Don't worry about the pounds, we'll run it off when you get back!

PS: The Urban Grocer site is fairly new. They should eventually add some stuff from the Philippines. Anyone care to comment on what Philippine-food-finds should be there?


Cely said...

Yummmm!!! Dear Nana, please, have one for me too!! Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay, my dear! Many hugs !

Nona: Thank you, now, I just want to eat and eat and EAT!!! hahaha

Nana said...

Nona, todo telepathy! I was supposed to get down and figure out good eats. My savior, as always.

Thanks, Cely!

Nona said...

Gorge, gorge gorge : )