Oct 31, 2010

Blueberry Girl

Neil Gaiman just made me have a moment. Here's why...

If I had his wonderful way with words I would have written the exact same poem for my own blueberry girl. With a cute nod to classic fairy tales, "keep her from spindles and sleeps at 16, let her stay waking and wise," and a hope, "nightmares at 3 or bad husbands at 30, these will not trouble her eyes.

Gaiman wrote this for his friend Tori Amos when she was about to have her baby girl. It then became a book meant to celebrate mothers and daughters. Although in essence, I think it applies to blueberry boys too. Her could very well be Him.

Dull days at forty, 
false friends at fifteen--
let her have brave days and truth.

Let her go places that we've never been,
trust and delight in her youth.

Help her to help herself,
help her to stand,
help her to lose and to find.

Teach her we're only as 
big as our dreams.

Show her that fortune is blind.


Wishing the same for all the blueberry girls and boys I know,


Barni said...

Yay, you discovered Neil Gaiman! :) Now buy The Sandman series, and I think Tori Amos was who he had in mind for Delirium. Mahal, but worth it, and at least you won't have to wait for the next book or issues like I had to. I want to assign Good Omens next, which is supposed to be very funny.

Thanks for this poem. It's lovely, and yes, it could very well be for our sons.

Nana said...

B-E-A- UTIFUL! I wish it for my blueberry two too!

Nona said...

Yup, I have yet to read his adult comics and novels. I know Graveyard Book, Sandman and Anansi Boys are popular among comic-and-lit-loving teens. But I did love Coraline the movie which I watched with the kids. Wolves in the Walls is fantastic. It's so cool he creates great, strong girl characters. The Instructions is another awesome poem/picture book. I love that he's not afraid to freak out the kids a little bit. "Anansi Boys... God is Dead. Meet the kids." Good Omens? I'm game : )

Nona said...

Yes Nana, it's also for the blueberry twins!

miri said...

Just beautiful. I gotta get me some Neil Gaiman and quick!

Reminds me of an updated " A Prayer For My Daughter" by Yeats i posted some time ago...

Nona said...

Prayer for My Daughter? Let me google that Miri : ) About Gaiman's children's books... The Instructions I think is a much better poem, but Blueberry Girl just hit me hard on the first read.

tashie's mommy said...

Blueberry Girl hit me hard as well. I can't imagine any loving mother not being touched by this. :)

Nona said...

Hi B! And may I add... any mother who wishes her daughter to have even more strength and courage than herself : )

Nona said...

Hi B! And may I add... any mother who wishes her daughter to have even more strength and courage than herself : )