Oct 4, 2010

In the News

The news according to our five-year olds.

Ninong Carlos is in jail because he shouted.
Mak: Ya. He shouted so loud. He's locked and trapped.
Tato: But he's free at last.

Just the facts. No judgement. Gotta love kids and the lessons they teach us.


Nona said...

Now that's objective. Haha! Adorable too!

Anonymous said...


Belated happy birthday MakTato!

Cely said...

Yes, objective and adorable! Your boys are the best! (true heroes, haha)
But... can we really send someone to jail for this?!

Nana said...

Thanks, Marga.

Cely, we will soon find out. I hope not!

Strategic Stiletto said...

Moral of the story: you can shout, just not too loud :) Love these boys!

Nana said...

Boys making their own rules, Tish. Story of my life.