Mar 22, 2011

Mongolia in 30 Hours

I'm finally all settled in. Here are the photos I promised. Credit to MacDaddy for the shots. Even with a 7-hour flight delay that reduced our trip to mere thirty hours in Mongolia, MacD still managed to get all the sightseeing we wanted done PLUS get our cold, frozen asses to the football game we planned to see. I'm hardly, by any standards, a football fan but MacDaddy is and if watching a game means getting to pack your bags, checking off Mongolia from our to-do list and experience what super sub zero weather is like, I'm so there. I guess Macdaddy's insanity has rubbed off on me after a dozen years. Let's do this before were too old, arthritis sets in and our joints won't be able to handle the cold, we convinced ourselves. Did I already mention we're insane that way?

Pinoy pride at the Philippines vs. Mongolia match

Thank you, Mongolia. That was a trip.


The Viva La Vida Mamas said...

Awesome! I'm in synch with your insanity. If I could, I would slurp up this world like an oyster and travel my heart's contentment away... Go! Mongolia is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

its hitting two birds....honeymoon at the same cheering for our country....