May 12, 2011

It's Up To You

A timely reminder from Terry Richardson.

He posted that photo on his diary yesterday, May 11th 2011--The Day I officially announced a brave new venture. Say hello to The New Gallery. It took awhile, but here I am ignoring the naysayers of the world and the naysayers in my head. As Heather Havrilesky says, "many of the things I love most were created by people who embraced their delusions of grandeur as fervently as they did their contradictory feelings of self doubt." Isn't that so funny and wise?

Oh and, are you on Facebook? To get into more of the fun, The New Gallery has a Facebook community page you can go ahead and Like.

Here's to turning our passions and delusions into reality... this mama's got another new job now. Time to show the kids how magical thinking works!


Arlu said...

Just wanted to wish you the very best as you start your new venture! Keep us posted -- Hope to see you soon!

The Viva La Vida Mamas said...

Hello supportive friend! I saw you joined our facebook community page. Feeling the love. Gracias! See ya : )

The Knittymommy said...

Here's to making all our dream our own realities! Congratulations on this.

The Viva La Vida Mamas said...

Thanks M! Cheers to your own dreams fulfilled : )