Sep 28, 2011

Birthday Times Four

I'm not too crazy about birthday parties.  At least not the ones where there are hundreds of people with thousands of balloons plus the  host and the caterer, the show, the arts and crafts table, the tattoo dude, the face painter,  the balloon twister, the bouncy house, the mobile beauty salon,  the snack stalls, the works.  If you live in Manila, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't, you must come and check one out  at least once in your lifetime.  Some are just out of this world crazy.  Always a lot of fun.  Just not my thing. 

Mak and Tato both beg every year for the whole circusy-gig. We compromised and agreed we'd celebrate their 5th and their 7th.  Still not the far-out levels were used to witnessing but a party nonetheless. (I also told them they were free to party-out on their 50th, 75th, 80th and 100th but that they'd have to plan those themselves)  Next week the boys turn six.  

Add to that the whole crazy business with Mak andTato sharing the same birth date as their daddy and granddaddy.  Two years ago, we celebrated GrandDad Doc's 80th. That was a big one.  MacDaddy turned forty last year so we went all out with that too.  Then,  of course, the boys got their party. It was their 5th after all.  I never got around to post the photos  so will do that now as proof for Mak and Tato that their corny mom (their word, not mine) who nags them constantly knows how to throw a party too. 

Thanks for the photos, Mon 

This year will be quiet.  Were off for a week with the four celebrants and the whole kaboodle to explore new places down south.  We also plan to make an important stop and visit GrandDadDoc's 92-year old brother. We took the boys to see him when they were months old.  It would be great for them to see him again.   I had been going back and forth over and over with this, not sure if pulling the kids out of school for an entire week was the smartest thing to do.  They aren't exactly in play school anymore.  But I also know that there is  much to learn outside four walls.  MacDaddy says  he wished  he had spent more time with his grandfather. He always makes a good point.  Deal sealed then.  We are going.

As for birthdays,  I hope the boys learn soon enough  that  precious moments and family adventures  trump the parties and everything that goes with it  any given day.  Hopefully in the next three hundred days. Next year is their 7th.  


RONE said...

Happy birthday!!!!!

Crazy to have those 4 birthday all in one day. That's a gift giving disaster.

ChichaJo said...

I know what you mean about the crazy parties! Not really my thing either :) A family trip definitely sounds like a lot more fun (and more meaningful)!

The superhero party was a blast! Thank you for giving me an excuse to buy a wonder woman outfit for C :)

Mieke Zamora-Mackay said...

Happy Birthday to the beloved men in your life! Time is going by so quickly for Mak and Tato.

GrandDadDoc, happy birthday. I still can't believe my own Mom, still goes to see you. But then again, she is you niece so that doesn't count. If we were still living there, my kids would be seeing you.

Nana said...

Jo, how can i forget that adorable wonder woman outfit?!

Mieke, I still go to see the doctor too. 38 years for me and counting...

Nona said...

Family trip trumps party for us too! But yeah, a party every so often is called for : ) Have fun! Happy Birthday to your October Boys! xoxo

Cely said...

Lost! I've bet about a football theme this year, hahaha. We don't have this kind of crazy parties here. So, I'm always like a child when you share them with me. Your parties always leave me speechless! But I fully understand why it's not your thing. I think I would be the same if I had to do that every year!
Hmmm... Does it mean I have to be there next year if I want to check one out??? hahaha

Your trip ahead sounds soooo much exciting! It's the best way to celebrate! And don't worry too much about the school. I told you the saying: Les voyages forment la jeunesse! Your boys are so lucky to learn life this way! Enjoy!

Cely said...

PS: By the way, I love the photos... and I particularly LOVE your necklace... ;-)

Nana said...

See you as soon as I get back, Nona! Lots to kwento about.

Cely, knowing them it will still be Football theme for next! The obsession is still there. Come over please!
Les Voyages forment la jeunesse! I like the sound of it. Now to learn to pronounce it

Thank you ;-)

Cely said...

Let's talk as soon as you get back, I'll teach you ;-)

Barni said...

Happy birthday, Twins! And to their daddy and Lolo. Kids grow the most on a trip. By leaps and bounds. I never regret yanking them out of school for a bit. It's the smartest birthday gift. :)

Nana said...

Barns, we brought some school work along. Nothing like doing the writing exercise, sitting on a football as a makeshift stool with the crashing of the Siargao waves at a distance. I have to post that photo. And you're right. I didn't regret it.