Sep 26, 2010

40's and 80's

They say life begins at forty but MacDaddy says there's no better way to jump start this new one than by acting like we're sixteen all over again. Not that he had to twist our arms or anyone else's. Rewind to the 80's.

Nana and Nona circa 1988

Me and My MacD

cast of characters

Remember my vision board over at the previous post?

Well here are snippets from last night.

"I love it when a plan comes together" - A Team's Hannibal Smith


Nona said...

First nostalgia party I truly, truly enjoyed! Thanks for bringing back the 80's Nana and MacD who looks awesome in eyeliner! My voice is hoarse post-party. Even THAT is so 80's. Haha : )

RONE said...

Great party Nana! Hadn't danced that much in ages.

Nana said...

I almost believed I was in the 80's except I had to sit down a lot in between all that dancing, put way more concealer than I ever did plus recovery time the next day is just not the same. We're soooo not seventeen anymore. Age of maturity na talaga.
Thanks for being the punk's make-up artist.

Nana said...

Rone, never thought we'd get the chance to dance to A-HA's Take on Me again. So glad we got to!

Cely said...

Wow!!! What a great party! I'm sure everyone had a blast. Retro is the way to go! They don't call it the Good Ol' Days for nothing! The 80's looks good on you, you're all stunning! I love what you did with your hair, Nana. And MacD looks like a bad boy... hahaha

Congrats, Miss Organizer! Super great work!
Now, I would need you to plan my own birthday party, hahaha

Nana said...

It was fun. You would have been singing and dancing along with the rest of us for sure. High hair was the only way to go in the 80's. As for MacD, he enjoyed the eyeliner and black nail polish a little too much.
Thanks! Sure I'll plan it. Haha

marga said...

i looooove how macD looks so bad-ass - a far cry from his usual self! and LoloDoc!!!

Super advanced happy birthday MacD, LoloDoc, and my future husbands the twins! Haha. :p

Nana said...

Marga, yup. Totally bad a$$. Think this will be his new look for now. Mak and Tato hated the black polish by the way. It really bugged them. haha!

Strategic Stiletto said...

Looks like you had such a BLAST! I know we like to diss the eighties a bit but I confess, I really did enjoy that time of my life. And most of the time, I thought we were pretty cool.

Nana said...

It was, Tish. Wish you were here! Teenagers in the 80's. Doesn't get better than that. The younger ones missed a really cool era.