Dec 24, 2011

December Days

...more like December daze, really. 

We've welcomed a new little girl to the clan (my brother's daughter) after a serious shortage of girls. I've turned a year older, sent out the gifts in record time (finally!)  and managed to eat every single cookie and cupcake that has crossed my front door.  So help me.  

The other evening, while hosting friends over at our place, we got a frantic knock at almost midnight.  There was a fire in my next door neighbor's house.  Yup, for sure it's one of those thoughts that have crossed your mind - the what-would-you-take-with-you-in-case-of-a-fire scenario.   I always joked half-joked with MacDaddy that we'd each run off with my two favorite sculptures.  It would probably feel like us bench pressing our body weights but I always assured MacDaddy the adrenaline would give us that extra push.  Thankfully, with quick thinking on the part of the neighbor and the fire department, no one was hurt, the fire didn't spread and a smoke-filled place was all I had to contend with.  It was also a relief to know that both MacDaddy and I, at that point,  wanted to take the boys out to safety and absolutely nothing else.  Talk about putting  Christmas in its proper perspective.  It's way too easy to lose sight when you have those crazy carols playing since September, you've wrapped your hundredth gift and you're nowhere near done and Christmas commercialism is out of control.  Sometimes, just sometimes a little jolt like this all we ever really need.  

Flashback. This is our very first Christmas with the boys. 2005.  We're brand new, giddy and wide-eyed all psyched for parenting thinking Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Perfection.

These are a few other Christmas photos over the years.

Look below. 2009. Am I the only one noticing we're losing our hair?  Tato has a bandage on his forehead after sixteen stitches and surgery. Did we really think easy peasy? Really?

It's 2011, I don't have a decent Christmas photo and you're not getting a photo card this year, sorry.  If you can get them to sit still long enough without one sticking out his tongue, or looking away or whining or wrestling,  I'll give you my arm. 

So here we are settling for a booth shot equipped with ample warning and about a twelve-second allowance to get the money shot.  We still can't seem to get that done right.  But we've learned to both laugh at ourselves and go easy on ourselves because sometimes that is the only way. Easy peasy, my a$$. We are perfectly imperfect at this parenting bit but perfectly happy and blessed we get to have a go at this. And that is viva la vida mama. 

Merry Christmas!


Cely said...

I'm so glad everything turned out ok for you that night! That must have been so stressful! And I understand perfectly what you mean by 'putting Christmas in its proper perspective'.

You know what? Perfectly imperfect is the perfect way to be :-) Thank you for all those beautiful photos. They always make me dream! The last one is the funniest I've seen in a while, and to be honest, it can be used as a decent one: you all always manage to look good. No matter what type of picture you are in!

Merry Christmas to you and yours, my dear Nana!

ChichaJo said...

Your aren't losing your hair! At least it does not look like it. Merry Christmas and so nice to have seen you and your boys! Maybe next year little C will be the one wrestling and sticking out her tongue...lord knows she is already practicing!

You are so right about keeping things in perspective...sometimes it seems like Christmas here can get a whole lot of out-of-perspective!

Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!!

Nana said...

Joyeux Noel, Cely. Yes good to see Christmas right as it should be.

Good to see you, Jo. And please send Little C over anytime. More hot wheels cars over here. hahaha!
Happy New Year to you and your 2 Cs!

Rone Valles Guerrero said...

I DID notice the hair loss! But it isn't your hair I'm talking about. Heeheehee.