Dec 7, 2011

Giving Back

I've done the shameless plugs selling my little Christmas card projects here and here so what the heck. I shall be shameless again.

This Holiday Season give the gift that keeps on giving with the ICanServe Contribution Card. We got so many requests to design another ornament to adorn your tree this year we just couldn't refuse.

With your purchase of each card you share our commitment to promote early breast cancer detection.  More importantly, you will  help subsidize cancer patients on treatment.

For more information about ICanServe Foundation and the work that we do, check us out at

A minimum donation of P200/ card is requested.  For orders call 636.5578.

Thank you.


Barni said...

Can I order please? Let me count and I'll send a check over the weekend. I forgot you had those cards. I love them!

Nana said...

Yes you may, barns! Thank you!