Mar 25, 2012

On the Road: Nepal

I wish I had time to sit down and tell you all about Nepal.  About the four-hour day hikes we took, scaling hundreds of steps to witness a postcard-perfect sunset, the monasteries, the temples, the burst of colors. The insane sound of too many horns beeping in the middle of traffic one minute and the serene ringing of meditation bowls and Tibetan chants in the next. How we met Krishna - hands down best tour guide who we hired for a day but ended up keeping for five. What it feels like to walk through a Nepali village one second and then see the Himalayan range the next. Then there were the people with these crazy beautiful eyes and matching smiles and that all around positive vibe I'm seeing less and less but the world needs more and more of right now.

But I'm having that week when a hundred and sixty plus hours just isn't enough to get things done. 

Luckily, MacD's photos tell it all.



Cely said...

Stunning pics, Nana! You keep making my bucket list longer! Nepal looks like such a wonderful place! Thank you so much for the virtual trip!

Nona said...

Breathtaking. Thank you for taking us along with those gorgeous photos! Now we really need to sit down for that lunch : )

Barni said...

Loverly! How did you like the food?

Nana said...

Thank you, Cely and Nona!

Barn, Food was yummy!