Mar 18, 2012

Top of the World

MacDaddy, at one crazy point in time, dreamed of climbing Everest. We read every book, every account, watched every documentary we could get our hands on.  We soon realized we didn't have the money,  the commitment, the time, the endurance.  Standing on the world's highest mountain was relegated  to his 'twas-worth-wishing-about-but-no-chance-in-hell-it's-happening list.

Last week we celebrated Our Thirteenth well above the clouds on a ride across the Himalayan ranges of Nepal.  Our fifty-minute mountain flight gave us the chance to stare in awe at eight of the world's highest peaks.

Best of all, with matching goosebumps, we took that one good, solid look at  Everest. 

It's the closest we will probably ever get to being on top of the world. 


Cely said...

Wonderful photos, thank you! That must have been a spectacular flight! I bet it seemed too short ;-)

Ok, it's not as high (and maybe exciting) as Mt Everest, but you can tell MacDaddy to add "climbing the Top of Europe" to his list instead! It's definetly a must-see too! ;-)

Nana said...

Ahh..Mont Blanc your side of the world right?! Sounds like a plan!

Cely said...

That's what I don't understand actually. Mont-Blanc is the highest but they use "Top of Europe" to talk about the Jungfrau. Maybe because you can see France and Germany from up there... I don't know. Anyway, both of them are my side of the world so yes, sounds like a plan ;-)

Nona said...

Perfect way to celebrate 13 years! Breath taking. Can't wait to hear all about it in person : )

Barni said...

Wow. To have just laid eyes on the Himalayas and Everest is amazing on its own. Kwento soon, please!