Apr 16, 2012

Sweet Dreams

I don't have a sister so the concept of sibling rivalry is totally lost on me.  Since the boys have always been as different as night and day, I  naturally thought  they'd have their own sets of friends and want to do totally different things.  Wrong.  They really dig hanging out with each other.  They both still adore football.   And much as I try to yak on and on that it's not about who wins, my reasoning doesn't always win. 

On many nights right before we doze off I have to deal with bedtime prayers such as this:

Mak:  Thank you, Papa Jesus for letting me beat Tato 4-1.  
Tato:  Thank you for the side tackle on my brother so he couldn't make the last goal.

And I say a little prayer myself asking the Almighty  to stop me from strangling them both in their sleep. 


Cely said...

haha - now it's football, and one day it will be about a girl ;-) (Sorry, I don't help you here, huh? haha)

Nana said...

You are SO right! One day it could very well be about a girl. Help! Hahaha!

Nona said...

Okay, let's enjoy the competing over football years for now... the girl thing gives me the shivers! : )

Cely said...

Nana: hahaha, don't worry! I grew up with two sisters and we have never had any rivalry about boys ;-) Only about school and sports!

Nona: You're right, that's scary, haha