Jan 9, 2010

Date Night

I have total respect for Sex and the City on HBO. Great TV writing, satire and social commentary there. Plus New York - the city - as a main character. I love New York! Then SATC went Hollywood. The movie was fun to watch, but it did make my eyes roll a lot a bit....

Now we know it's a cash cow too good not to milk. There's a sequel out this May! Heehee! The sand scenes in the trailer made my eyeballs roll out of my face. But am I watching this? Hell yeah. I am a very, very shallow girl.

Date Night looks fun too. Tina Fey's character is also more relatable to me, just that my husband is way hotter than Steve Carrel. Then there's Mark Wahlberg without a shirt and James Franco being funny!

Quick flashback and props to movies I enjoyed in 2009 -- Where the Wild Things Are, Up, Bad Lieutenant (with the tragic-comic kick-ass performance of Nicolas Cage), Moon, Star Trek, District 9, 500 Days of Summer, Coco Chanel (the TV movie with Shirley Maclaine), September Issue, Gomorrah, Invictus, The Hurt Locker. Hmm... what else... how can I forget -- Jay and Kimmy Dora.

Tonight, Pappy and I escape reality, watch something the kids' aren't allowed to see, and make ourselves miserable with the movie adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's novel The Road. I just bet Viggo Mortensen is going to make me cry.... Yay, date night!


miri said...

Hey ! I watched a couple of these too courtesy of torrents :-)

Where The Wild things Are - loved it! we could have like an afternoon discussion on the psychological aspects of this film.

Bad Lieutenant sadly left me... sad. I didnt see the point and just felt drained and ... sad. Maybe its cuz i really cant stanmt Nick Cage.

Invictus-- Excellent. Uplifting. Nelson Mandela is my new hero.

Moon- I love Sam Rockwell and will pretty much watch anything he comes out in. This movie for me is one of the best sci-fi movies of the decade.

District 9 -- Awesome , cant wait for part2. Apartheid themes galore. Apartheid sucks.

Am currently downloading The Road- Viggo Mortensen is , like, The Ultimate Male. Wow. I cannot admire this guy enough. Heard the movie
was a bit bleak but very well made. Then again ,Cormac McCarthy's stuff if mostly depressing. Still gonna watch it though.

Check out Whip It ! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Smile on my face the whole day.
Would u believe i just watched SATC 1 ?
Will check the other movies mentioned above.



Nona said...

Miri!!! The Road is a beautiful, beautiful father and son love story. Excellent movie. Bleak and sad and horrific... but oddly in the end it gave me hope. Book won the Pulitzer ha. I was thinking maybe I'd off myself too in the midst of all that post-apocalyptic nothingness - then The Man says why he won't kill himself or his son. "He (son) is my warrant. If he is not the word of God then God never spoke." Classic McCarthy. And I can write a freakin essay to enumerate all the other touching gut wrenching parts! I think this is a more important/valuable movie than No Country for Old Men (another McCarthy adaptation). But obviously this is not going to be a blockbuster... Viggo was as expected... perfect. Sam Rockwell was great I agree. And do you know Moon was directed by David Bowie's son? Will download Whip It - been meaning to. For a good laugh get The Invention of Lying. Ricky Gervais writes, directs and stars. Hilarious!

miri said...

Really ? Moon- David Bowie's son??? That is so cool! No wonder i liked it :-) I saw Invention of Lying- funny stuff jennifer Garner was pretty good ( can you imagine a world where everybody told the truth? quite horrifying)a little too anti-Deity though. - Ricky Gervais with his usual deadpan snarkiness.

Im gonna get the book- The Road. But i dont know what to do first? Movie or book?? Im exited to watch it though. I like those post-apocalyptic scenarios, although i dont know why?

Will let you know

Barni said...

Boy, am I behind on my movies. Will be donkey whipping Mark now to start burning those torrents!!! Thanks, girls.

Nona said...

David Jones a.k.a David Bowie has a son who directs films -- Duncan Jones. Google it. Have not read The Road but I really should. I read excerpts online, but can't find a copy here yet. That writer can spin imagery that makes your hair stand. The narration in the film lifts directly from McCarthy's prose. We're not stuck up so go watch the film first if you like. I did : )

Whip it Barn! Oh and Inglorious Basterds was pretty entertaining too if you want to add it. Tarantino is still Mr. Gratuitous Violence but he stopped annoying me in that film.

miri said...

Yes, saw Inglorious Basterds too- i was entertained enough but it just didnt do it for me. Maybe it was Brad Pitt's weird fake accent. I dont think Tarantino has made any exceptional movies in the last 10 yrs. My favorites being, Pulp Fiction , Reservoir Dogs. His collaborations with Robert Rodriguez are pretty good- Grindhouse etc.

There's another movie you should check out- Birds of America with Matthew Perry and Ben Foster ( my new favorite) also, The Messenger ( with Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson ).

Unfortunately most of the movies " WE " like to watch will never get local distribution, hence the need for torrents . Did you see the long queues after the film festival?? Its criminal to be left with Wapakman and Shake Rattle and roll 11 ( !) as movie fodder.

Oh well.