Jan 18, 2010

Standing Up

In four months we all get to go out, vote and get ourselves a leader we all deserve. This post isn't about who you should vote for. It isn't even about who is best for the job. We all have our own thoughts, our own ideas and I love that I can sit down and have a laugh with someone who isn't going to vote for the same guy I'm rooting for. Its a free country after all. Read: Respect, Respect.

Props to MacDaddy. Up until a month ago, he had never even met the presidential candidate. He had heard him months before, scrutinized his take on many issues and knew he found "the one". He was certain he had to get up and do something. With a lot of MacDaddy's sweat (fortunately no blood or tears ) and together with an equally young and persevering bunch, thousands were up at the crack of dawn last Saturday to stage a fun run to show their support. I wish I was there to see it. I would have been beaming with pride, for sure.

MacDaddy speaking to a crowd of over 3,000.

Because no Filipino event is complete without its own share of characters.
Meet Manny Paksiw and Freddy Root

Standing behind and beside what he believes in

Which is why I am grateful the Mak-Tatos have the chance to witness first hand what it means to go out and go after something you truly believe in. Never mind if it goes against the grain. Never mind that it isn't a very popular choice. And never mind that after all of MacDaddy's hard work Tato declares "I want my Mama to be the President of the country. The President of Manila!"


Nona said...

Been catching up on more election-related reading and watching candidates on youtube. I really, really like what I hear from him... just worried (jaded by too many bad experiences in Philippine politics) about the GMA factor. But, so far it's Teodoro for me. He's definitely qualified if you go by the resume. His platform makes sense. And yet, I still need a little more time for reading, listening and introspection before I say 100 percent yes to Gibo. I have been hurt too many times by Philippine presidents! Then again, how do we really know what's inside someone's heart and see their real intentions until we take a leap of faith and let them "just do it" like Nike? Hmmmm... maybe I should have joined the run and met him..... Decisions 2010! Also, he's not necessarily the unpopular choice. I'm finding more people choosing him (reflection of my small circle of friends maybe?) Besides, Noynoy peaked too early which does not bode well for a presidential campaign. If Teodoro's really smart and uses it in the campaign he can get enough votes to win in 3 months.... Just wonder how he's registering with the masa? Pero, galing nya mag-tagalog ha! Okay, end of novel.

PS: Good job to Migs for organizing all that!

Cely said...

As I don't know any of the presidential candidates, I can't talk. So know I'll just cross my fingers and hope that your country will finally get the President it deserves.

Congrats to MacDaddy!

Anonymous said...

Hay, Gibo - I'm dying to vote for you but what are you doing in bed with the wrong people? I wish he would drop GMA and Ronnie Puno before they leave him for Manny "The Crook" Villar. Word is, they're giving him the end of January to boost his ratings or else they'll back Villar. Wonder if Migs has encountered Rafa (die-hard Gibo) at these events. Gibo really sounds impressive. Rafa helped produce his ads. Niks, you're right. he's not so much unpopular as he is un-winnable. With four months left, it will take a miracle.

No one for Noynoy in my fam it seems. He's not his mother, he's definitely not his father, and just strikes me as someone completely unprepared for the job. I don't buy all this honesty talk. I know lots of people who are honest who are more brilliant, but they're not running for president. He can serve the country in other ways.

I have a feeling I'm going to decide on election day.