Jan 23, 2010

Safari Dreams

Thank you, Angela DC

Three years of obsessing over animals. I really thought Mak would get over it as each year passed but noooo. Here we are. First it was just horses then we moved on to jungle animals. There was a fling with sea creatures and a love affair with tigers. Now it is every single living creature. Oh, wait. Dinosaurs too. That means all living plus extinct animals.

For now (at least), he dreams of owning a safari. A safari and not a zoo because the "zoo has so many, many cages". The boy's got heart. What can I say? And because big things are born from the littlest ideas, here is the blueprint layout mock up of the place he'd love to own one day.

The aerial view of The Safari. Mak overseeing every last detail

The sea and ocean creatures up close

Cats, cats, cats

I got into the act too. This is my attempt at styling

Final touches are Mak's, of course

Tato helping build the rescue center

And announcing with deep regret "Diego fell. His heart stopped."

No concrete plans yet to construct the actual safari. We do know entrance tickets will be "one peso, mama. only one". Oh boy.


Cely said...

Awww he really is a true animal lover! So cute!
I love his safari - especially the part with the dinosaurs, haha.
Hmm does he love farm animals too?

Nona said...

Love the safari too! I'd go there : ) And only 1 peso to enter! Great deal! Haha!

Adele said...

he really has the heart of lala backie when it comes to animals but he goes much further by loving ALL animals, not just dogs. and at least, he will have an in-house vet in the person of his bro. pretty good tandem, i think!

Nana said...

Yes, Cely. Farm animals included. But he's terrified of ants. Strange huh?

Nona, with admission rates like that we'll need major benefactors!

MammaMia, the love for animals is definitely not from me!