Apr 5, 2010

Bucket Lists

I like making lists. I particularly like drawing that line across each item. Nothing like saying done, done and done. Several months ago MacDaddy and I managed to scratch off three things (in two days! ) from our combined bucket list. That felt really good. And so one night before bedtime we got around to talking "bucket lists".

Me: What's one thing you wish you could do?
Mak: Be an animal
Me: Mak, not something that's impossible. Something you wish you could do or see. Something that can really happen.
Mak: See a rhino and a hippo
Tato: Touch snow

Geez. Tall order. Snow, hippos and rhinos in good ole Tropical 'Pinas just won't happen. Neither will hippos and rhinos in snow anywhere. I did a little bit of research. (Thank you, internet!) And then I made my own list. Pocket-friendly, child-friendly, MacDaddy-friendly, some "snow", a hippo, a rhino. Bingo! We left a few weeks ago as soon as summer started.

starstruck at the Singapore Day Zoo

A rare white rhinoceros

Mak meets a pygmy hippo.


Tato eager to put on snow boots

renting snow gear


Done, done and done. And judging from the smiles, I'm guessing it felt really good.


Cely said...

I LOVE bucket lists!
Animals + Snow... This is just SO GREAT! Thank you for ALWAYS sharing your adventures. I have to say I'm loving it and I know I'll NEVER get bored of hearing about them. What a rich education your children are receiving! What a fabulous childhood your kiddos are experiencing! I'm admiring!

Nona said...

Fun! Do help us plan our own Singapore adventure : )

Nana said...

Cely from Switzerland with the real snow, you would have laughed at us in a room with a machine making snow, sliding down "ice mountains" on tubes with 35 degree weather outside! But the boys loved it and said it was the BEST! They're easy to please. What can I say?

Nona, of course!