Apr 12, 2010

Taken For A Ride

(in Singapore Zoo, over lunch, a few weeks ago)
Me (to MacDaddy): Interested in riding an elephant? Not my thing. Rip off.
MacDaddy: Not for me too. Did you see the line? Waste of time.
Me: Waste of money and time!

(same scene, same time, different characters)
Mak: Tato, do you want to ride the elephant?
Tato: Of course.
Mak: So...Let's go!

Living proof that there is a sucker (in some cases two) born every minute.


Cely said...

Hahaha, classic! But I bet you and MacDaddy had fun in the end... right?
This trip looks like an awesome time! And I LOVE the pics, as always!

Nona said...

I'd gladly pay full price to ride one! As Cely said, after getting on dumbo, admit it, you enjoyed... right? I'd be in the Mik and Tato conversation : )

Nana said...

Yes, yes.. we are suckers for our kids but sometimes they do know how to have a good time