Apr 27, 2010

On The Trail

We are days away from choosing our country's next President. It's been an interesting journey. Exciting times ahead, no doubt.  Mak, Tato here are a few things I've learned along the way (for future reference):

Stay positive.  Cut the crap.  Tell it like it is.  Leave the smearing to Mommy's mascara, the whining to the baby next door and the made-up stories of a childhood past to that kid in class with the overactive imagination.   Don't call anybody a loser until he's actually lost.  Oh, wait.. if he's already lost, he probably already knows that and there's no point in calling him anything.  There's actually no point in calling anyone anything anytime. Embrace the idea that your brother loves the color pink, mommy likes black,  daddy thinks purple rocks and you only have eyes for brown. Imagine a world without colors. Be ready to defend your choices but accept those made by others. If one day you want to be President of this country, by all means go.  Just keep your self-respect and dignity intact.  That would account for a mere six years of your life.  You have an entire lifetime after that.   And you deserve a great life. 


Nona said...

I hear ya!

And... allow me to cite a cliche. Often they are cliches because they are just plain TRUE: It's an ELECTION. The winner or loser is declared AFTER the process. Let's respect the process. That or just let SWS and Pulse surveys decide who becomes president. Close down COMELEC na lang.

I want GIBO to win, but I'll declare him the winner IF and WHEN it happens.

RONE said...

The whole purpose of an election is exercise one's right to choose his leader. I think the Noynoy Aquino camp has forgotten what a democracy is all about, that it gives us the freedom of choice. Nearly 25 years ago these same people took to the streets in the EDSA revolution precisely to fight for our freedom.

Now they tell us to not waste our votes and vote for Noynoy. If I didn't vote for the candidate I believe in, then THAT is a waste of vote.

I don't think Noynoy is going to be a good president. If anyone wants to convince me otherwise, please do it with substance and not by calling my candidate a loser.

Denise celdran said...

Agree! Right now it is no secret the media like abs-cbn and inquirer are rooting for a certain color to protect their interests. Add that to certain survey companies and business groups who also have vested interests and you have MIND CONDITIONING OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. What if they lose, people power AGAIN?

lets have some respect for democracy as fragile as it is here. Lets have some respect for other peoples choices. Lets have some respect for the right to chose not because of who is 'winnable'.

As Gibo says "If you think Im not cut out for the job of president then please vote for someone else but if you believe that I am the right man for the job, then you owe it to yourself and to the Filipino people and to our future to vote for me". Yun lang.
Integrity not whining or blame. Conviction not flip-flopping. Honesty not hypocrisy.

Gibo does not claim to eradicate poverty or stamp out corruption but to strengthen the institutions so that they may continue to serve the people long after his term no matter who may sit after him. That is being HONEST and REALISTIC. And thank goodness a lot of the youth are feeling the same way..

Dont base your vote on HATRED (of GMA), FEAR (of VILLAR) or NOSTALGIA (of CORY). Vote the RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB and our country may have hope yet!

P.S. and if anyone doubts Gibo's winnability.. they are in for a BIG surprise. Gibo has machinery (only less than 5% defected), the youth vote (25 million voters between the age of 18-28), the military, and there is word that both Quiboloy and INC will go Gibo. So we are looking at a LANDSLIDE. If you want specific numbers, PM me ;-)

Santiago Borlaza said...

Only an immature voter would base his decision on surveys. Trying to mind condition people that a candidate is a guaranteed loser does a great disservice not only to the people but to the whole electoral process. Great republics were built because of the ability of the populace to choose capable leaders. BTW, who are we to call other people losers, i know my mama, irreverent as she is, taught me to respect each and every person. I laud you Nana, for sticking to your beliefs irregardless of the outcome.

Cely said...

Nothing more to say, my dear Nana. You said it all. Beautiful!

Nona said...

Go G1BO! That said, I still have to respect voters who choose Noy, Villar even... sige na nga Erap or Jamby.

But I also want to say, I made my choice based on Gibo's resume, his stand on key issues, how he defends his platform and how he's been running his campaign. The Gloria connection, I admit, was a big dilemma for me when I was trying to figure out who to vote for. Hey, I even gave Nick Perlas a good look.

Our country needs a paradigm shift fast! The way I see it, Gibo has the most potential to make it happen.

Yup Denise... I'm not NOT voting for Gibo because I don't like GMA. I am also not NOT voting for him just because polls show so and so is leading. Professional pollster themselves will not call their polls a "prediction" of election results.

As for Noynoy, he lost me at HACIENDA LUISITA. Also his defensive reaction to being asked if he had autism... basically insulting persons with autism. He's not enlightened. He's not progressive. Just saying.

Marga said...

Mama-Sann! :) Where was this? Grabe, what a day it's been. More like... what a week for us!

Saturday's our big day girl! Go Gibo! :D

Nana said...

Nona, Rone, Denise: Yes, Yes AND Yes!

Mak, Tato: did you hear your titas? A few more things:
Don't claim your'e a winner until you've actually won. Oh wait, if you did win, everyone already knows it so there's really no point. Humility, humility. Don't let anybody (or anything) tell you you can't do it until you've actually tried.
Mak, Tato: you still there?

Nana said...

Thank you for your feedback, Mr. Borlaza. Yes, RESPECT, RESPECT. For people, for choices, for processes.

Thank you, Cely. As you can probably tell it is a bit of a circus around here during Elections.

Hi Marga. I hope you're the Marga I'm thinking of. The photos are from the UP Debate and the Tree Planting in Payatas. Yes, Saturday. Should be fun!

marga said...

Yes Crisann, me! My blog link isn't too revealing of my identity, but yes, it's me. Haha. Let's get your tots to be VIP ushers on Saturday!:-) that'd be the cutest