Jul 11, 2010


There's usually a garden-plucked flower lying around our house, often haphazardly lain on my bedside table or on my work desk. It's the kids. Sweethearts that they are, they often bring home a kalachuchi or other colorful bud they find outdoors. "For you mama," they'd say. Sigh. Kids ages 6 and 4... these are the wonder years.

Sprig of bougainvillea above was plucked by our little girl. Glass container, arrangement, and off-center placement on the dining table all her idea. She did it all by herself too. Whatever you want, little Martha.


Barni said...

Wow. She makes it impossible to say NO, huh?

Nona said...

She's taken over interior decorating her room and as you can see she's moving into the dining area with her flower arrangements... I just let her : )