Jul 17, 2010

Go Barbie!

Have you seen Toy Story 3? I found it hilarious when all of a sudden Barbie gave evil Lotso Bear that anti-fascist speech. So nope, she's not just a pretty face, okay? OMG, Barbie did not kill feminism. My Barbie-loving little girl and I even caught her raising funds for a cultural cause. Barbie modeled couture by Filipino designers and proceeds from the auctioned dolls went to Ballet Philippines.

By Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos

These pictures were taken at The Podium a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the exhibit is over, but we're showing you some of our favorites...

By Ivarluski Aseron

By Louis Claparols

By James Reyes

Chicha liked this dress with really loud orange flowers--probably meant for the Santacruzan. I didn't get to take pictures of that though because it made my eyes hurt. Here's another favorite of hers, which I didn't mind shooting...

By Patrice Ramos-Diaz

So if you look past the perfect face and impossible body, Barbie isn't such a bad role model. The little girls do love her, the clothes, the long blond hair and the pink dream house. Still, Barbie does have to thank certain moms and dads -- and some smart, funny folks at Pixar -- for putting her in context.


Strategic Stiletto said...

Nona, I'm thinking of writing 'The Imelda Way'- which my beau thinks is a genius idea! It chronicles a feminine quality of strength that disarms with beauty and grace, and 'attacks' with smart strategy. Nothing to do with the crime side of the real 'Imelda' and focusing on the 'bond girl' qualities of strength instead. Sounds like Chicha would approve, no?

Nona said...

Go for it Tish. Show them how femininity and a strong mind can happily coexist. We don't just approve, we think it's worth celebrating!

Barni said...

Talo all these dresses to Chicha's home-spun creations!

Nona said...

Barn, spoken like a totally biased doting ninang : )