Jul 5, 2010

Tegan and Sara

If you like the music of Tegan and Sara well, FYI, they will be touring Asia this year. Pappy discovered the facebook survey going on to see if enough of us in Manila would watch them. Shall we? Let's go. Here they are at Coachella 2008. In lieu of Coachella... November 2010 in Manila? Say yes to the survey and it could happen.

For the kids... Alligator "sanitized" for a live performance on Canada's Mamma Yamma show. Cute. But as Bear points out, "There were no bad words in the real version... why'd they change it?"  Yes son, it had no bad words, but there were sex-related metaphors and descriptions of obsessive love. 

Of course I didn't tell him that!

They've been remixed by everyone from DJ Tiesto to Passion Pit... but my favorite is by these young guys from RAC/Remix Artist Collective. Press play to hear the track. Click down arrow to download. Free.

You're welcome!

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