Dec 2, 2010

Christmas Blues and Reds

Truth is, sometimes its hard to get in Christmas mode. Obligations. Responsibilities. Expenses. The holidays even remind me of people who I wish were still around, like my Nona. I've been feeling melancholy lately so I thought of her, my favorite confidant and grandmother-confessor. Then, I'm reading Virginia Woolf who expresses morose thoughts in such a beautiful way. Have you met Septimus from her book Mrs. Dalloway?

Anyway. This morning, with no kids to attend to, no work needed doing, the Kindle tucked away, I cheered myself up by making the little family christmas card to go with all those gifts that need wrapping soon.

It reminded me of the best we can get and the best we can give. Dear kind reader, whoever and wherever you are, I hope you're feeling the love around you.

Channeling you all some Christmas Spirit,


savitri'slove said...

Wonderful Christmas card. I share your sentiments Nikka. Beyond all the obligations, I know in my heart that Christmas will always be for children and I have Diego to inspire me to make every Christmas wonderful. Anyway, just dropped by to say my Christmas sopas was a success thanks to you. My way of getting ready too for our Christmas dinners at home. Thanks to you, I have soup now to add in my menu.

Nona said...

Hi Vit! I was worried about the recipe without measurements, so it's good to know it worked out. It's easy, just keep tasting as you go diba? Hope you found good grana padano or pecorino. Looking forward to seeing you guys over the happy holidays. Especially Diegooo!

Barni said...

Peace and love be with you and your beautiful family all through the year, my dearest.

Cely said...

I know I'm a bit late, but I love your card, dear Nona. That's really very beautiful!
Hope the Christmas spirit is upon you. xoxo

Nona said...

Peace and Love to you both Barni and Cely!