Oct 9, 2011

Be Happy

So says my Chicha…

Just a post on random sweetness and memories. Here's something she recently tacked onto my Kindle. The ID picture she found is awful, but the whole thing is awesome for me anyway. 

To go with this Chicha-pachicha post, here's a song she loves because it reminds her of trips to Subic and this year's trip to Coron in Palawan. It was played in the van, the boat, by the beach while the adults were sipping cold beer, while on the hammock, in the cottage, etc.

I agree Chicha, RAC's Armistice remix goes well with these memories...

Remember waking up to the sound of the waves and having the shore just a few steps away?

Remember Kayangan Lake? Where salt and fresh waters meet and make love into the best National Park in Coron.

Remember when we had Bomol Beach all to ourselves? 

And so.

Just awhile ago I chanced upon her dancing to that Phoenix song blasting from her room, while big brother Bear was playing Minecraft and belting, "and when the lights are cutting out... and I come down in your room..." Et voila (Phoenix is a French band), a blog post is inspired.

She was in this outfit. Happy on a lazy, rainy Sunday, indeed. 

Positive weekend vibes Internet!


Cely said...

Awesome! I can't say more, that is too cute for words! Thanks for the happiness injection :-)

Nona said...

Hey Cely : ) Good to know you got the happy vibe all the way there in your part of the world!

Mieke Zamora-Mackay said...


I know I should be saying more here, but it's how I feel about this little princess of yours.

Nona said...

Haha! Kakagigil is a good way to sum it up Mieks : )