Oct 12, 2011

Camp Adobo

Someone's ready to go to camp. An honest-to-goodness sleep-away camp. Imagine, three days out-of-town with no mom or dad around. This is nothing revolutionary, I know, but just a flash ago Bear was a BABY. Now he's ready for this…

Semestral break is coming soon, so if you're interested there are still a few slots left for another serving of Camp Adobo. A Filipino flavored adventure in Literature, Arts, and Geography--also involving bonfires, games, sports, climbing trees, bamboo rafts, getting wet, lots of mud, carabaos and crazy cabin bunkmates. 

For more information you can call:

Apet Nunez, Camp Director 
0917 841 1088

Mocs Javier, Camp Administrator 
0917 827 6627

Rosana Evangelista, Camp Coordinator 
0916 723 2720

Camp Adobo is also on Facebook.

So excited for my (no longer a Baby) Bear!


Cely said...

Sounds super fun!! Can't wait until (Baby) Bear returns to tell us about it :-)

RONE said...

I read about their summer camp. I think one of the earthlings will love it, the other one not so much.

P.S. Teacher Mocs is Aiden's all time favorite teacher. She rocks!

Nona said...

Can't wait myself Cely : ) Camps in Switzerland must be awesome with all that unspoiled nature...

Rone, there are still slots. Send the outdoorsy earthling : ) Aside from Mocs (who rocks!) you'll see lots of other familiar faces from Explorations and Keys. The kids will be in good hands.

Jojie Perocho said...

:) Thanks for posting the video, Nikka! :) Jeb is Camp Adobo's kuya photographer and he can't wait for the next run too. I'll tell him to keep an extra eye on Bear din. :)

- T. Jojie

Nona said...

Jojie!!! Love the pictures and this video. Camp Adobo wins on documentation alone! Good job Jeb : ) Was telling Mocs that this video was so heartwarming. Made ME want to go to camp. I'm surprised you're not a camp counsellor. Bet you'd be awesome!

Mama Nikka

Jojie Perocho said...

Jeb and I had to divide and conquer this weekend e! :( i'm taking photos for a birthday naman. :) but i'm sure they'd have a great time, Bear too! :)