Dec 5, 2009

Sorority Sisters

For as far back as I can recall, I have always wanted a sister. And when MammaMia was all set to add to the brood when I was five years old, I just knew my wish had come true. Mom did come home from the hospital months later with a bouncing baby... boy. He was adorable and everything you would hope for.. except he was a HE. I called him "my sister" for months. I figured saying it often enough would transform him into a she. It never happened. It wasn't meant to be.

Me and LilBro, circa 1980

Shortly after my cancer diagnosis ten years ago, three other survivors and I sat down and got down to business. Together we made one vow: that we would not let the next woman go through breast cancer in shame or alone.

And ever so slowly I began to understand. The sisters came in due time. I asked for one, but today I have a little under a hundred of the most beautiful, most courageous sisters. I never stopped praying. Someone Up There never stopped listening.

Meet my other family. My sisters:

And now...for the shameless plug. A little project I've been working on: The Gift that Gives Back.

Help a breast cancer patient live through another Christmas. Give your loved ones the ICanServe Christmas Calendar Donation Card and you gift a family with their cherished mother, daughter, sister or friend come the holiday season.

Inside text explains that instead of a gift, you, the giver, have made a donation in their name. With your purchase of each card, you are sharing your commitment with the foundation and help subsidize cancer patients on treatment.

A minimum donation of P150 per card is requested. For orders call ICS office at 632.6365578 or email us at For more information on ICanServe Foundation, click right here.

Thank you for listening.


Kara said...

As an only girl, I feel exactly the same way.

We're blessed with an abundance of sisters of the heart who know no bounds in loving and serving!

Thanks thanks for helping build a family where it's effortless to see the face of God in every sister!

Happy 10!
Loads of Love!

Nana said...

My sister! I finally heard your voice over here. hehe. Yes, we ARE blessed!

Barni said...

You want sisters? I have three! You can have 'em - he he!

Easiest to call the number or can I buy when I see you?

Nana said...

Classic Barni move. Giving away the sisters!
Either way is cool. I have some cards with me too

Cely said...

Love the story and the wonderful pictures. Inspiring.

And I LOVE the cards! Sometimes, I really HATE to live so far away!

Nona said...

Happy 10 I Can Serve Sisters! I still remember that day when I called you Kara to "tell you about my friend... " now sisters na kayo!

Great Christmas card as always. I'll order soon : )

Strategic Stiletto said...

Nana, you had proxies in me, my sis, Sabs & Cams :) Not quite the same but good times still.

JavyO said...

What a cute little boy!

Sign me up for some of those Sistah!

Nana said...

Tish, yup my compound sisters!

Jav.. cute no? still cute ba?