Jan 29, 2012

Defying Gravity 4.0

Turning 40 tends to bring out existential thoughts. Where am I? Where am I going? What difference am I making? Can you finally stop minding the Negatrons in your life? 

You also get big on Symbolism. So it was perfectly symbolic for me to have flown off to Singapore with the three coolest people I know, have a great time, try new things together and watch Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz

It's the musical celebrating women who are different, who have to deal with people looking down on them and setting limits on what they can do… women who struggle to fit in, struggle more to find their themselves, test friendships, make bold decisions… then eventually start Defying Gravity.

Hit it, Elphaba...

Speaking of gravity, also daring to defy it is Rappler—a social news network testing the limits of new media in a time when people are still arguing about, What exactly is a social news network? 

Because I am symbolizing way too much here, my first feature for them happens to be a review of… that Wicked show we caught in Singapore

While the Lifestyle section is still a work in progress, Philippine news hounds should definitely check out the site. Rappler has a great team covering politics, the economy and business. Glenda Gloria is their Managing Editor. See how she kicks ass here. She also gets Thought Leaders like Theodore Te to enlighten us on the Corona impeachment proceedings, Gilbert Teodoro to assess disaster preparedness post-Sendong, and Maria Ressa to rap with Mon Jimenez on tourism campaigns for the Internet Age. And more! You can get them on your Facebook news feed here

In the future, I hope to rap more about education, parenting, self-help and culture. Wish Rappler luck Internet! It's a bold experiment in new media. Some people are already saying it's bound to fail. Good thing Nikka Version 4.0 is more willing to try and fail and dust her self up again. I've made quite a few mistakes in my life, what are a few more as long as they don’t kill me? 

Besides... If we don't risk falling, how else can we Defy Gravity? Let's do this!


Cely said...

Such a great post! Thanks Nona! "Defying Gravity" will be our motto for 2012 ;-)
And thanks also for introducing Rappler. I like the idea!

Nona said...

Good motto : ) Thanks Cely! Looks like someone is very happy and already defying gravity in your part of the world : )

Nana said...

DEFY GRAVITY: Now that's a mantra! I'm borrowing it.

Nona said...

DEFY GRAVITY 2012! It's yours Sann : )

Mieke Zamora-Mackay said...

I love Nikka v. 4.0! Congratulations on joining Rappler. Great review, by the way! Here's to all of us going through our 4.0 updgrades! May we all defy gravity and soar to the heights of all that we imagine!

Nona said...

May you have a gravity defying 4.0 upgrade Mieke! Hope to see your book published. This 2012, go : )