Jan 30, 2012

Candy Candy

I don't know if it started when I discovered the high you get when you eat condensed milk straight off the can or because Original Nana allowed us grandkids an all-access pass to her freezer with at least  ten different flavors of ice cream or that aha moment when you realize the milk you're forced to drink tasted so much better when you poured Brown Cow syrup all over it.  Whatever the case, I will happily devour anything that has way too much sugar.  Sick.  But true.

I started to notice dessert stations popping up here and there and thought I'd try it. 

Here is the one I did for the boys 5th birthday.  Nothing Amy Atlas or anything but it was fun putting together all their favorite treats. 

This was for Sis in Law's rocker themed baby shower

When I heard my godchild was having a Candyland-themed party a few weeks ago I offered to do her candy station.  The instructions were simple enough:  pink and yellow and dainty.  I haven't had much exposure to anything remotely girly and dainty given all that football talk and Legos and Tonkas I'm constantly surrounded with but I welcomed the break.  

So out came the old, reliable candy jars.  

Shopping for the candies was the easiest part.  Ms. Sweet Tooth, remember?  The night before the party I laid everything out on my dining table to figure out what went where. 

Made the day itself so much easier and so much more fun. Candy station completed. 


Nona said...

My favorite kind of buffet! Excellent work Nana : )

Cely said...

Yum!!! I've got such a sweet tooth too! Your photos make me hungry (I haven't had my daily dose of sugar yet, haha)! What a great work you did!
By the way, you're more than welcome to come over and do your magic for Emma's 5th Birthday Party, hahaha.

Nana said...

Thanks, Nona!

Cely, Merci. Are you kidding me? SWISS chocolates and Laduree! I am so there! Haha

Barni said...

Wow. I think you should start charging. Looks so pro!