Jan 11, 2012

Numbers and Poetry

Dear Vico Bear,

I was happy to hear from Teacher Steph how eagerly you have been applying yourself in Math. Way to go doing Optional Work and Extra Challenges! Despite doing very well the last two terms, when asked your personal goal for Term 3 you wrote, To be better in Math. I suspect you’ll grow up making good use of your passion for numbers and figures. You are my favorite Visual Spatial Thinker, you! As the motto goes… Work Hard. Be Nice. And that’s what you have been doing. And you’ve just turned 8. This serves anyone well, whether age 8, 38 or 88.

To celebrate the school portfolio you have been working hard on in the past months, I’m posting some of your work here. One day you might read this when you are all grown up and get a real kick out of it. This is you writing as a fictional character.

Without realizing it, you made a “dissertation” this year—researched with some help but written independently. In second grade, you and your classmates call it your All About Book. You decided on this thesis statement: "LEGO is epic! Because you can build anything you can imagen." You do love exclamation points!!! And actually, it's i-m-a-g-i-n-e. 

Anyway, thanks to your book Teacher Steph and I know facts about LEGO we didn’t know before.

This is what you came up with when asked to emulate Shel Silverstein’s poem One Inch Tall. Your poem is called 1 Nano Bite Tall

This one emulates the Zoe Ryder White poem Inside My Heart, but you chose Sadness as a theme. 

This posterity post is also a reminder to… Keep expressing yourself. Keep the poetry in your heart. There’s a place for it even inside grown men full of patterns, plans and equations in their head. Your words are who you are. Sometimes you’ll feel like no one is listening. That’s okay. Do it just for yourself. Besides, Mama and Daddy will always want to hear what you have to say and we will always want to read what you write. Always!


Nana said...

Dear Vico Bear,
Ninang Nana is just as proud of you as your Mama Nona is. I've always been.

Mieke Zamora-Mackay said...

Dear Vico, your words and the way you use them are amazing. Keep going. Also, Ram loves your Lego piece.

Nona, you've chosen well for his education. I wish we learned this way too when we were kids.

Nona said...

Happy New Year Mieke! I remember Ram and Vico hanging out together in the LEGO store waiting patiently for their turn to build. They just joined the rest of us to eat : )

Thanks Nana and Mieke for cheering him on : )

The Viva La Vida Mamas said...

thank you. sometimes its easy. sometimes its hard.


Cely said...

You've all the reasons to be proud of him. I loved each words too!

Nona said...

Nice to hear from you Cely : ) Happy New Year!

Barni said...

I wish the same—that your math hotshot continues to nurture his writer's voice. With Packy for numbers and you for words, he has it all! A logical, sensitive, well-rounded boy.

Nona said...

Viva la Positivity, Barn! Though I suspect the new generation will be waaaaay better than us : ) Like Vico himself said... "sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard." Cannot wait until Jack and Patris do Writer's Workshop! This is just a teensy weensy part of their portfolio!