Nov 1, 2009

Circus! Circus!

I think I pulled it off. Not entirely. The Twin Jackos were a no-show.

Tato: Mama.. My friends said you should only wear a super hero costume.
Mak: I only want to be an animal! Colonel Hathi (the elephant in Jungle Book) or Jaws (yes, that shark that freaked the hell out of all of us in the 70s)

The arguments were compelling and came with matching smiles and the sing-song voices they use when they want me to cave. Of course I caved. How can you mess with peer pressure, an obsession with animals and those smiles? Tato's hunt for a superhero costume was a walk in the park. Mak sent me on some wild goose chase. Not many elephant costumes out there. Correction. Not a single elephant costume out there. We did manage to find something that resembled Jaws. We were all set.

As for the circus I had hoped for, it did come to town.

We got the the big top

the parade

the show

over 200 shiny, happy people

Yup, even the shiny happy pets

Mak has decided he wlll be a stilt walker next year. He said so with that smile and a sing-song voice. I already know I will be hunting for stilts. And a safety net. Happy Halloween!


Nona said...

how fun! too bad we didn't get to trick or treat together : ( but... happy halloween!

Cely said...

How fun!! Looks like you had a great Halloween party!
Too bad for the Jackos twins but I love these costumes too! Your boys are too cute... and so are the little princesses!
Happy Halloween!

Barni said...

I love this post.

Adele said...

spiderman refused to wear his mask and he had a valid reason. " how can i see what candies they are giving me if my face is covered"!! (shades of his mother!!)
the shark was super proud of his "hot" costume, what with matching converse shoes. so cute!!
all i know is they were happier than being M.J (the before and the after)!
happy to have been there!

Nana said...

Thanks, Cely and Barn!
We missed you, Nona.
And thanks for trick or treating with us, MammaMia!