Sep 19, 2010

The Art of Business

Looking at artwork lovingly made by four-year old hands taped all over the playroom wall

Tato: Mama, do you want to buy a picture? It's only three pesos.
Me: Of course.

As expected, I only get the little masterpiece when I hand over the cash. No credit with this one. Strict AND shrewd. This isn't the first time he's made something and sold it and I am always impressed how enterprising he can be.

Tato: (drops all three coins in his piggy bank) Mak, hurry up. Color some more pictures. Mama is buying.

Did I say enterprising?

Which reminds me, this is him a couple of months ago learning a few lessons in addition and subtraction from the big boys.

And probably planning the next business venture.


Marga said...

I want to marry Tato when we grow up, Mama-Sann! <3

Nona said...

Little Nana, Junior Miguel is that you? haha!

Nana said...

Aha, Marga I now know your requirements for a man. Will make you rich and cook for you. The search is on.

Nona, yup! Haha. Pappy should have sold some of his LilBro's works or did he?

JavyO said...

That's a mean poker face!

Nana said...

LilBro, why oh why did I not think of exploiting you when you were little?
Love the poker face too!

Cely said...

Hahaha! This boy is so funny, talented and genuine (and cute and adorable - of course, haha)! He's definitely going to be a successful businessman someday!
Seriously, he will go far, I'm sure!

Nana said...

Thanks, Cely.
I don't know if his own brother will think he is funny and genius when he finds out he's been slaving over the crayons while the other takes all the cash. haha!

Barni said...

The stories just keep rolling in (as will the money someday). If you had a 1,500 word count, I would have asked you to put this in. People at the office were super touched reading the article and commenting about how the boys are so guapo!

Nana said...

Yes, to the stories rolling in and yes please yes to the money too! haha
People at Barni's office: Thank you!