Sep 23, 2010

Madness and Mood Boards

Somewhere in the middle of even managing finding the time to breathe (yes, MacD, I promise to finally learn to meditate to get through these crazy crunch times) while getting real things done (read: work and actual obligations), I am attempting to put together a celebration where a certain about-to-be-forty-year-old wants to party like its 1989.  So, yes, for one night, I am all set to recreate the days of big hair, big shoulders,  bad fashion but arguably the best decade for music. 

Mood Board #1
random shots via google images

Then we've got  the dynamic duo. After four years of  putting off having any birthday parties, I'm finally giving in.  It won't be huge  like the ones were used to on this side of the planet, but still.  A party is a party.  Plus if you know me you know I tend to get obsessive compulsive totally into it.  

Mood Board #2
What would i do without you, etsy?

And finally...   When you're turning eighty one and share your birth date with your son and his twin sons, it really is cause to celebrate, to get on a plane, to dance the hula on a sandy beach, and take the family along with you while you're at it.  

Mood Board #3
Thank you again, google images.

Crazy days ahead. Breathe in.  Breathe out.


Cely said...

Awww!!!! Super crazy days ahead!! And what great themes (and place to go)!
Everything will be so much fun I'm sure! I would love to be there... ♥

Nona said...

October is really fiesta season for you. Can't wait to party with the superheroes and the "old" 80's folks. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Hawaii!!! :)

Nana said...

Thanks, Cely! Would have loved for you and Emma to be here as well.

Yup, Nona. Be ready to bust out the 80's moves. The two boys are baffled: "Why do you and papa want to wear the clothes that you wore when you were small?" They think we're crazy. They have a point. I'm suddenly asking myself too. haha!

Nana said...

Aloha, Marga! We will for sure.

Strategic Stiletto said...

Nana, will Harry Haruta be making an appearance? Will Social D spin, or maybe it will be Muzak? Bummed I am missing the big 4-0, we'll make it up and party a-la-80's when I'm back home.

Nana said...

Tishie, the Harutas are long gone no thanks to some garage sale many many years ago. I miss those! We got DJ Boyet A who used to spin in the 80's. Was a trip to watch him bring out the vinyl records. Those were them days. Bummed you missed it too