Feb 10, 2011

2011 Bucket List #1

Run a new race distance. Check.


Me: Tato, check this out. I have a medal!
Tato: You won?
Me: No. Everyone who crossed the finish line got one. It's called a finisher's medal.
Tato: You're happy because you just finished and you didn't even win?!

That kid is lucky I was too weak to argue and too exhausted to strangle him.

and...more proof! (nabbed from the website)


Cely said...

My dear, you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for this new wonderful life lesson. HUGE HUGS and.... CONGRATULATIONS!

Nona said...

Uuuy... batak! hehehe! Now let's do a 21k together this year : )

Nana said...

Merci, merci, Cely!

Nona: Hay, to be "batak". The ultimate, impossible dream! But, yes, I'm up to a 21. Hurry.. before I change my mind!

ChichaJo said...


Nana said...

Thanks, Jo! I think you'll be proud of me about Bucket List Item #2. I'm currently working on it =)

kool nani said...

why am i not surprised at tato's comment? truly enrique's mini version

Nana said...

Yes, mamma mia. He's BigBro alright!