Feb 25, 2011

Flying Solo

Hello from Orlando. Just me on this trip this time. Tomorrow I meet nine hundred or so other women courtesy of the Young Survival Coalition and their wonderful advocacy of bringing survivors from all over the world together. We may all be in varying stages of our own cancer journeys but with one thing in common: we were all diagnosed with breast cancer before age 40.

Although I must admit I missed Tato and his slow-mo walk to the plane. (He says it's the best part of a trip) I missed Mak wondering what the airplane food will be and if they'll be serving those red juicy hotdogs i still refuse to serve at home. Or MacDaddy all set to conquer every single site like a tourist on crystal meth. So yup, i did kind of miss all of that but must admit I cherished my newfound peace and quiet. Only to find out minutes into the flight that I was stuck next to the world's worst bickering couple. Only this time I couldnt scream: One more fight and nobody gets a bike!


kool nani said...

relish your solitude while you can!

Nona said...

Have a good trip! Tell us all about it soon as you get back : )

ChichaJo said...

Does "nobody gets a bike" include MacDaddy? ;) Hihihi :) Have fun and enjoy! I went on a weekend trip to HK for work when Carmen was 8 months old and although I missed her and C, I also enjoyed my "time alone" :)

Stand strong on those hotdogs!

Nana said...

Will do. Thanks!

Yes, MacDaddy included. Haha