Feb 20, 2011

Love in the Time of Laptops

Why is almost every grandmother in children's books rocking herself in a chair while knitting a sweater desperately waiting for company? She's usually wrinkled like a raisin and sporting a full head of white hair all tied in a super tight bun. That's just so.. 1952. Today's Nanas hit the gym, drive their own cars, sit on ergonomic chairs and order those sweaters on Ebay. A little help from science has helped with the hair color. I'm not even going to go into what modern technology can do about the wrinkles. Teehee.

This is five-year old Tato (using my yahoo messenger account) "talking" to his grandmother.

click on the image to see better

Fifteen minutes later The Grandmother received an email.

And that, for you, is 21st century lovin'.


ChichaJo said...

Love it! I communicated with my mom that way all the time and I'm sure one day it will be Carmen and her as well :)

The painful days of teaching her how to use a computer now seem very far away. Now she has a nicer laptop than mine and flippantly tells me when I ask her something, "Why don't you just Google it?" Please pakibaba ang kilay ko! ;)

Nana said...

Jo, let's give Carmen 3 years and I'll bet she'll be the one teaching you!

Cely said...

Awww! It's why I love the 21st Century!!!

Barni said...

SmartOne is getting too smart. :) Tell him girls love geeks.