Feb 28, 2011

A Writer's Celebration

This morning, Bear woke me up to say, today is The Day, mama. He meant The Day for Writer's Celebration. A few hours later, I was in his school to have snacks and juice with him, his classmates and other parents. We gathered to toast the publishing of the kids' first non-fiction books for Writer's Workshop.

Two self-published 7-year-olds manning their writer's nooks...

One researched and wrote a book about wolves, the other researched and wrote about dinosaurs. They even made promotional posters.

Bear authored the book on wolves. He made a tree and wolf out of Legos for his writer's nook. Nook design and concept all his own. I was suggesting he add more elements in his booth when he was preparing for it. He was adamant: "I just want the lego figures and my poster and my book." Oh fine. Then, surprise... the nook included give-away bookmarks too. Nice touch.

Book topic, art and words also all their own. They may even misspell some words, but that's okay. The goal was for them to use their imagination, to share their own thoughts and interpretation of facts they researched. Here's how Bear blurbed his own book. He claims it's awesome. So confident. Haha!

Here's a preview of what's inside supposedly awesome book.

It even has a glossary. The mammal entry made me, and a few others chuckle. Teacher Tina claims it was a hit when she posted this in her facebook. Awesomely funny and cute...

Funny yes, but hey, scientifically accurate, nonetheless. All mammals do have mammary glands. Hehe! I just love these kids. Cheers to the Keys Araullo First Grade writers! Awesome effort Baby Bear.


Nana said...

Congratulations, bear! Ninang Nana is so proud of you.
I love the nipols and boob touch. Kinda reminds me of conference topic all week. haha!

Nona said...

That's right. Boobs are relevant : ) Go save more of us female mammals from breast cancer Nana!

RONE said...

Awwwww, Nona, that made me swoon.

Nona said...

Rone, you'll love Writer's Workshop. Prepare for more swooning : )