Apr 9, 2011


Someone is in love with Foldabots. It's origami meets transformers melded into uniquely Pinoy robot characters such as Buhawi, Bangis and Astig. Now there's more to life than LEGO for this little guy.

Tamarax in robot mode

Tamarax in creature mode.

Thank you architect, artist, children's book illustrator and writer Jomike Tejido for also being an awesome papercraft toy designer.

Bear with Teacher Jomike

As a big summer bonus, Bear got to workshop with Jomike himself, who also happens to be such a nice guy. The Foldabots Kids' Workshop poster at The Heritage Museum screamed Learn! Invent! Create! So we were so there…

In this 3-day workshop, kids learn Jomike Tejido’s creative process of conceptual design, prototype construction, and final art of making robot toys. Kids hone not just drawing skills, but their spatial relations as well, including:
- Basic paper engineering and strength of forms
- Basic 3D drawing and coloring
- Character design
- Descriptive writing

The final product: a craft book compilation of all participants’ works.

And here it is...

The Book. Their Book.

Here are some of them in the Artists' Profile page...

The craft book contains characters they developed, designed and made into Foldabots on their own. They even thought of really unique powers, like John's Dreadshot who can"control reality with his intellect and uber coolness." How esoteric! There's also Tim's Patay who "can kill Lubobots (bad foldabots) in an instant" and whose "canon can serve as a cleaner of pollution." I just love crazy, inspired ideas from kids.

But I have to say, one of the youngest Foldabot creators in this batch made my favorite… check out Bear's Lightbot. According to him, "Lightbot has a powerful shield and is armed with electrical powers. He can fly into space with his powerful wings."

These 6-to-17-year-olds all designed and created their own Foldabots. Imagine that.

Noise levels in the normally quiet museum went up when they were there. Proof that chaos can be productive. They had a blast!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summers!


RONE said...

Very cool!

The Viva La Vida Mamas said...

Indeed! : ) 'Twas so much fun too...

Foldabots said...

thanks for posting this!! :) feel free to join more workshops in the future to further hone his skills , and get the first ever comic book of foldabots coming this may 2011 :) - jomike

Nona said...

Hi Jomike! Cool that you stumbled on this. He already asked to join another workshop : )