Apr 20, 2011

Wabi Sabi

The days slow down as Holy Week moves in so I'm in for some reminiscing. Are you old enough to remember or love Moby like I do? Rumpus columnist Rick Moody recently talked to him about his wild collection of drum machines. Makes one of the most interesting interviews, ever. In relation to his somewhat arcane obsession, Moby explained the Japanese concept of wabi sabi in the coolest way. A very cool read in it's entirety, actually. It also stirred up memories that made me blog today.

And what's a Moby post without a Moby song? Porcelain means so much to me, not just because it's an awesome piece of music, but because sometime in the year 2000, right after getting married, my then-new-husband and I spent time in Palawan in a cottage by the sea with the most soul-stirring view of the sunset. That sunset view was enhanced and made doubly-stirring by that song. Here's that view unearthed from a non-digital album...

Palawan 2000 sunset + Moby's Porcelain = Perfect Moment

Way back then we were younger and playing Moby on the Discman.

Oh and, it's not that I was too lazy to embed Porcelain in this post. I couldn't because the record-company-gods won't allow it. Whatever. Moby has many songs to love so let's listen to another one here. That one is to share with the kiddos who go for danceable beats. I think they'll like it.


RONE said...

Moby is still a regular on my playlists. I don't care if it leaves me stuck in the 90s.

Nona said...

Apparently, he has a new album coming out next month. Lots of 30sh 40sh people like us going to check that out... heehee