Apr 13, 2011

A Little Date

You can have a house full of children and still take some time to go on one-on-one dates, yes? Sometimes this is done with the little girl, recently with the big boy. After his Foldabots workshop, we took a nice walk to what Bear considers "the best fried chicken in the world" a.k.a Bon Chon Ayala Triangle. Simple joys. I love how my 7-year-old date is so easy to please.

And then...

I had to pass by an art gallery to get a little work/research done, but turns out my date really enjoyed this detour as well, thanks to this Briccio Santos installation...

He couldn't get over the clever tunnel installation, totally unaware of those valves and number codes alluding to the gas chambers of the Holocaust. Okay, I'm only guessing the allusions because the artist apparently spent time in Germany to better understand Immanuel Kant, Edmund Husserl and Merleau Ponty. Who are Husserl and Ponty? Anyway, I will stop digressing now.

That this was about the artist's "philosophical musings on reality and illusion" was lost on him. For this 7-year-old, Lego-loving, Foldabots-making, Visual Spatial Dude, it was all about the visual spatial trickery of installation artist, painter and film-maker Briccio Santos.

His exhibit at the Manila Contemporary called Numbers Revisited runs until this May first. Bear's review of Santos' work: Whoah! [Pause] What the?! Hahaahaaa! Awesome! Can I go inside (the tunnel) Mom? Take a picture of me pretend falling!

That picture above is in case you're still falling (oops, sorry, pun) for the visual trickery. I loved the installation too, by the way.

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