Apr 20, 2011


Here are some photos of LilBro and I. That's MammaMia with us in the first shot too. Yes.. grainy photos. I am dating myself.

I've already written about how I only wanted a sister and didn't exactly welcome LilBro with open arms when he popped up into our lives. But I learned brothers were cool in their own way and turned extremely proud sis recently watching him realize his dream of being an Ironman.

We were usually up to no good way back when and probably responsible for most of the grey hair and wrinkles on the folks. But we're older, wiser, more mature now. More importantly, we're finally up to some good. And we'd love if you can help us out here. In LilBro's words:

Thank you!


Nona said...

Great effort Super Javy! Now that's a lot of love form the Little Bro Nana : ) BTW, sorry for the double post! Didn't see it coming...

P.S. On a shallow note, I especially love your porma in the second photo. Goes with today's reminiscing theme.

Nana said...

No sweat, Nona. Yes, me in the penny loafers I wore every single day once upon a time. On a shallower note, It was that photo or one with in slouch socks over denim jeans and hi-cut rubber shoes. Thought I'd keep a little dignity.

RONE said...

This is a totally lame comment but I am so proud of you posting that second picture with the hair!

On an even more positive not I am so behind you two on this one.

marga said...

Javy you're awesome. I'll help spread the word via Twitter. :-)

Nana said...

Thanks, Rone. It was really a toss up between two photos. Bad hair or bad fashion. Ay, wait.. parang the second shot is both! haha. Thanks for the support.

Thank you, Marga! That would be super