Aug 30, 2011

The Muppets 2011

There's a new Muppets movie coming out this November. Hope it’s a good one! Their last few films were duds, but I still watched them when they came out. The last one on the big screen even—as I wouldn’t settle for a DVD copy. I will always be a fan. I grew up with them and Rainbow Connection is the song of my childhood. This dates me, I know.

I loved it when they put up their YouTube channel. Remember Bohemian Rhapsody?  I also had a mini freak-out out when I saw Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew as mascots in Disneyland. Yes, Disneyland  because apparently The Muppets franchise has been bought by the Disney Corporation which owns practically everything in Entertainment these days.

Hence, this very slick, (and okay, very commercial) reboot of the Muppets Theme done by OK Go—those guys who did that awesome treadmill video and that other one with the MIT-developed Rube Goldberg machine which we had gushed over here.

Indie music lovers may also want to check out the entire Green Album from where that came from.  It's basically classic Muppets music sang by alternative rockers. So far, I’m really liking the Wishing Song rebooted by The Airborne Toxic Event. The album is really trippy. Fray sings Mahna Mahna, Weezer does Rainbow Connection and Andrew Bird sweetly croons Bein’ Green. And this isn't even the movie sound track yet.


The Muppets are now being handled by Disney’s marketing people. I can hear some folks (“the purists”) saying eeew. Well, I’m still going to get all nostalgic. It’s The Muppets! Also, I hope Disney makes them more relatable to this generation of kids. That can’t be too bad. I hope.


RONE said...

I don't think any new Muppets movie will compare to the ones we grew up with. And yes I don't care if I sound like cranky old mama.

Nona said...

How cranky! Hahaha! But I'm afraid this other old Mama suspects nothing will compare to those first movies.