Aug 2, 2011

Summer Lovin'

I'm still here.  Slacker, slacker. We've been back a while from our trip. Even with an entire month to spare, we didn't waste any time.  My three boys are the suck-the-marrow-out-of-life sort and its easy to get caught up in their craziness. First order of business:  bucket lists. 

The football crazy Mak-Tatos were deadset on watching a major league soccer game and adding to their jersey collection.

Then they wanted to see the Giants play. Thanks to all those summers playing kickball with the cousins I managed to pretend to figure out the  mechanics of baseball. 

And then of course there was that date with Bono.  Watching U2 perform LIVE was always in our  must-do-before-we-croak list.  Arriving seven hours ahead had its perks. Just a rail  between me and  Bono. 

We all died and went to heaven.


Nona said...

Well hello, Bono! The boys are so cute in their matching uniforms )

Cely said...

Wow!!! I can't believe you were so close to Bono!

Nana said...

I couldn't believe it either!