Aug 17, 2011

Tooth Fairy... you there?

Dear Tooth Fairy, 

We need you tonight. This is Tato's first. He woke up thinking he swallowed his tooth and panicked.  Not because of what it might do to his digestive tract but because of the possible loss of income. He drove the house crazy but he found it eventually somewhere in between the sheets. You may need to make a side trip to the bank though. He is leaving his tooth under his pillow in exchange for crisp 2011-issued notes in twenty peso denominations. 

We try to raise them as best we can but they just turn out so damn demanding.

Tato's Mommy

P.S. His is the bed on the left. 

P.P.S Mak's fourth tooth is just about ready to fall too.  Might as well stock up on those new bills.  You never know. 


marga said...

tato's handwriting is nuanced for a boy his age ha. the little hooks in "ldan!"

Nana said...

I just noticed the "hooks" now that you pointed it out. Must have seen it in some football club logo!