Aug 4, 2011

Oh Bab(y)ies the Places You'll Go

"Next thing you know they'll be off to college"

MacDaddy's last words before bed.  

It felt like I had just written this  post about them entering preschool  fifteen minutes ago.  Now here we are with first graders all set for their first day of school. No tears on my end this time and none on theirs either.  More like tears of joy actually. A five month summer break is no laughing matter.  Seriously.  Still, I'll miss my almost-daily lunches with them.  And the noise at home all day. And the laughing. And the fighting. Oh wait.  Maybe not.

On the drive to school they both looked so grown up all of a sudden - all nervous and excited at the same time.  Traffic on the road.  Cool. Perfect time as any for the Oh Baby the Places You'll Go talk. 

You're big boys now.  You'll meet a lot of great people.  You'll make lots of new friends. These are the best years.  It will be so much fun.  Your teachers will teach you so many cool things... blah blah blah

Then I thought I'd manage some expectations. 

Me: Sometimes your teachers will give you work to do at home.  Not a lot but some once in a while. 

Mak:  I'm NOT doing homework.  Only girls do homework.

Me:  What?!  Mak.. what did you say?

Mak:  The girls will do my homework.  Boys don't do homework.  They make the girls do it for them.

Me:  Who told you that?!?!  

Mak:  Papa.

Darn! Darn!  Somebody beat me to THE talk.


RONE said...

Tell MacDaddy he'll end up doing their homework if they don't do it!

miri said...

they looked so cute in their uniforms :-) sigh, they sure grow up fast

Mieke said...

Whoa! MacDaddy moves fast.

Cely said...

Hahaha! Words of wisdom :))
Hope your boys had a great first day! How they've grown!!

Nana said...

Rone: Why didn't I think of that? Good idea!

Miri: Too fast if you ask me.

Mieke: Who knows what other "talks" they've had. Scary!

Cely: They did! Couldn't wait to go back the next day and the next