Feb 10, 2012


Sorry, Brandon Flowers, you have nothing on us.  Tato covers Human and kills it.  Minus the trademark feathered shoulders of course. With special participation of musical director stage brother at the 24th second mark cueing "psst...cut the cord..." 

Human from Nana on Vimeo.

I kid.  I kid.  Giving the actual floor to the Killers.  Current favorite song over here.

We know what we'll be jamming to this weekend.  Thank God it's Friday. 


Cely said...

Oh no, he is not killing the song! I love the Killers but I love Tato's version even more! Good Job, dear Tato! You're getting cuter and cuter, if that's even possible, awwww!

An Accidental American said...

Love it!

And guess what, when the video ended I saw a thumbnail of your 'other' video which TOTALLY cracked me up!

Nana said...

Thanks, Cely. Will ask Mak to do Spaceman for you then.

Tishie, MacDaddy is a frustrated musician and finally found willing band mates he can boss around.

Nona said...

Better than Brandon. And cuter too! Love you, Tato Potato!!! : )

Cely said...

Awww yes! Thank you for asking :-)
By the way, the song is in my mind now and I bet it will stay there for the rest of the weekend, hahaha